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How To Replace A Garage Door Panel?


Panels are garage door components that enhance the appearance of the doors. However, just like other components, the garage door can break over time. By reading this article, you’ll learn how to replace a garage door panel.

Here we go!


Remove Tension Springs

  • Closing the door is essential.
  • Pliers should be leaning against a wall.
  • Remove the Winding Cone’s screws.
  • Place the winding bar in the top hole of the winding cone by slowly unwinding the spring.

Remove The Old Panels

The brace can be released by simply removing the pin. It is then necessary to loosen the nuts on the panel at the top of the garage door. Each nut should be removed one at a time as you walk around the panel. Repeat the procedure once all panels have been removed.

Replace The Garage Door Panels

  • Slide the new panel into the track and lower it slowly until it touches the panel below.
  • Install the new panel by screwing or bolting it to the panel below it, depending on what is already attached to the door.
  • Reattach the other panels in the same order you removed them until the entire garage door has been reinstalled.
  • Ensure that the fasteners are securely fastened. Install the springs again, ensuring that the holes are sealed and that they are firmly in place.
  • Connect the garage door opener again. Open and close the garage door with the opener to see if the panels move smoothly.

Replacement of Garage Door Panels can be done in the following steps. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

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