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What are the Basic Rules of Ice Hockey


Ice hockey is unbeatable in terms of speed and simplicity. There are six players on each roster. Substitutions can be made “on the fly,” that is, while the game is still in progress after it has ended. It involves the goalkeeper, left and right defense, the middle, and the flank on each side of him.

Once you’ve mastered the game’s three basic hockey rules, you’ll know more about it. Each game is divided into three sections, each of which has a different goal. When it comes to spending money, how long the game will be shown on television has a big impact.


One of a team’s members uses his stick to send the ball into the opponent’s net when a goal is scored Only two assists are permitted per goal, and they are awarded to players who make a significant contribution to the development of the goal.


The purpose of these three hockey rules is to reduce stalling, promote teamwork, and keep the game moving forward quickly.

Offside Team Crosses Attacking

Offside occurs when a player of the attacking team crosses the defensive team’s blue line before the puck handler. The skates, not the stick, determine a player’s position on the ice. Offside occurs when a player’s skates cross the blue line before the puck does. As long as he only has one skate over the blue line and the other on it, he’s good to go.

ICING THE PUCK in Ice Hockey

Icing the puck isn’t an option when the teams are evenly matched. Once the puck crosses the red goal line and is first touched by a defensive player, it is an infraction when a player on his team’s side of the red center line shoots the puck. Once this occurs, both teams must engage in a face-off in their own zone before the puck can return to action.


Offside passes occur when a player in his own zone sends the puck to a teammate beyond the center red line, thus crossing both the blue and red lines. Passes are made from one zone to another based on the position of the puck (and not the player’s skates).