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How Fouling and Violation Works in Basketball


Despite this, there are numerous basketball fouls and violations that you should be aware of. Why do blocks and charges have different names? What was the deal with that screen? With such hand motions, the officials are trying to communicate something. Some of the most common infractions and penalties are listed here.



Holding the Opponent from Moving

The act of grabbing an opponent by the hands to prevent them from moving or progressing, whether with or without the ball, is referred to as a handball.

Pick/Screen That Is Illegal

While setting a screen or pick, a basketball player loses position if they don’t keep their current position. Screening must be done at a complete halt.

Excessively use of Elbows

It happens when a player uses their elbows excessively and injures another opponent as a result.

Make a Touch with an Attacking Player

To make touch with an attacking player without establishing position, giving adequate space, or being in the charge circle, a defender is said to be in the charge circle.


Traveling to Change your Pivot Foot

After two steps without the ball, or after more than two steps without dribbling. To travel is to change your pivot foot after picking up the dribble and continue forward.

Use of Palm on the Basket Ball

Any time the palm of the hand on the basketball is positioned too far to the side or beneath it while a player is dribbling it.

Violations of the Free-Throw Rule

Every player must stay in position until the free throw shooter shoots the ball. Free throws are only worth one if the shooter is in the free throw lane when he releases the ball; else, the shot is null and void. A second chance is given to the shooter if the defender enters the free throw lane too early.


You can keep your plays crisper and your games safer if you have a better awareness of the basketball fouls and violations that are taking place on the field. You can stay on the court and avoid getting into trouble if you are aware. Don your basketball shoes, get on the court and shoot some free throws with a better understanding of the game’s regulations now.