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What are the Main Rules of Handball?


With the purpose of tossing the ball into the opposing team’s goal to score, two teams of seven players (six outfielders and a goalkeeper) play handball.


Scoring in Handball Game

A goal is scored in handball when the entire ball travels between the goalposts and crosses the goal line completely. The referee must first indicate that a goal has been given and that no rules have been broken before a goal may be declared.

The team that scores the most goals at the end of the game is declared the winner. If both teams have the same score, the game is declared a draw.

Rules and Regulation for Handball

  •         Each half lasts 30 minutes, with a 10-15 minute break in between.
  •         It is impossible for a side to maintain control of the ball without making an attack.
  •         This game begins with the team that has won the coin toss.
  •         When a game begins, each team is in its own half of the field.
  •         Every form of throw has the potential to result in a goal.
  •         A player can only take three steps with the ball at a time.
  •         The maximum time a player can hold onto a ball is three seconds.
  •         If a player bounces the ball, he or she can continue dribbling.
  •         Before and after dribbling, a player can only take three steps.
  •         The ball cannot be used by players to put their opponents in jeopardy.
  •         Players are prohibited from yanking, hitting, or punching an opponent’s ball out of their hands.
  •         The ball cannot be touched below the knee by players.
  •         In order to recover a stray ball, players must not dive on the floor.

Officials of Handball Game

Four people officiate a handball game: two referees, a scorekeeper, and a timekeeper. Handball is officiated by four people. In order to see both sides of the court, two referees stand diagonally across the court, one as field referee and the other as goal ref, depending on who is attacking.

To express their decisions, officials utilize a whistle and 18 hand signals, as well as a yellow and red system to warn or remove players.