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Things Fans Don’t Know About These WWE Superstars’ Traveling Schedule


The schedules of WWE Superstars are quite demanding. They’re continuously on the road, performing for audiences all over the world in states all over the world. They’re like acrobats or even clowns.

WWE Superstars are widely regarded as having the life of a celebrity. They have the opportunity to travel, explore new places, earn a substantial income, and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, complete with luxurious automobiles and spacious homes.


Here’s a peek at what it’s like for WWE Superstars to travel so often.

Responsible For Their Own Ground Travel

Some WWE fans may believe that the company foots the bill for everything. It turns out, however, that they will be responsible for their own ground transportation costs. They used to provide wrestlers with a tour bus and vehicle rental assistance back in the day. Due to the increased workload on traveling wrestlers, they are now responsible for booking and paying for their own accommodations.

They Must Make Hotel Reservations on Their Own

Superstars must book and pay for their own hotels, much like renting a car. Wrestlers have traditionally been responsible for making their own travel arrangements and paying for their own lodging. Many wrestlers try to save money by sharing a hotel room with each other.

They Pay For Their Own Food While Traveling

WWE expects its Superstars to have a flawless physical appearance. Wrestlers should be provided with nutritious meals to assist them to stay in shape. While on tour, WWE superstars are actually in charge of providing for their own dietary needs. The only thing the WWE does at its events is served food, and it’s not always the healthiest of options.

The Company Will Cover Their Air Travel Expenses

While WWE does not cover the costs of a wrestler’s accommodation or meal expenses while on the road, they do cover the cost of the wrestler’s air travel. Newcomers and wrestlers who aren’t on the “primary” roster can’t expect first-class treatment. Only veterans, such as Randy Orton and The Miz, have earned the right to fly first class.